CHENIN BLONDE | Batch No. 1502
ABV 7.2% | 3.12 PH

We co-fermented our blonde sour with local Chenin Blanc grapes, then aged it in oak for just the right amount of time to yield a genuinely complex and flavorful beer. With notes of honeysuckle, apricots and nectarines, and rounded out by a graham cracker oak character this release pairs perfectly with warm spring days. 

Release: April 2017
Cases: 400
Tartness: Med-High
Carbonation: Med

PASO PETITE | Batch No. 1501
ABV 8.7% | 3.28 PH

We co-fermenting our red Foeder Sour with local Petite Sirah grapes and aged it in oak barrels where it developed aromas of dried cherry, plum, and raisin. Its deep garnet color, rounded soft tannins, and firm acidity make this complex sour ale perfect for slow sipping and contemplation.

Release: March 2017
Cases: 248
Tartness: Med-High
Carbonation: Medium

BH_SDR-1412_PASOWILD_Bottle ToPrint.png

PASO WILD | Batch No. 1412
ABV 6.9% | 3.17 PH

We brewed this blonde ale and quickly transported it to a local organic vineyard allowing it to naturally cool in open vessels. As night set in a plethora of wild yeasts joined the celebration, and by the first light Paso Wild bubbled to life with spontaneous fermentation. After two years in French oak, one of our most deliciously complex wild ales was born with characters of sweet oat, lemon meringue and a delicate earthy nuttiness.

Release: February 2017
Cases: 119
Tartness: Medium
Carbonation: Medium

ABV 6.1% | 3.35 PH

Local vine-ripened strawberries accompany this Central Coast Wild Ale. Aromas of fresh ripe fruit and blossoming trees balance its light acidity and refreshing finish. Treat your taste buds to something unique with this limited small-batch release. 

Availability: Limited Release (Oct 2016)


Helena | Batch No. 1410
ABV 6.7% | 3.45 PH

The sheer variety of fruits, funk, and earth character leads one to wonder how this beer was crafted without actual fruit. This is a great example of why we are huge fans of Brett. This beer was fermented and aged in french oak with Brettanomyces Claussenii. Drinkability and massive aroma make this beer complex yet approachable. Cheers!

Availability: Limited Release (Apr 2016)


Othello | Batch No. 1408
ABV 8.7% | 3.27 PH

Beautifully dark and brooding this bourbon barrel fermented dark sour wafts creamy chocolate and cocoa nib notes above soft vanilla and butterscotch oak. Rounded acid balances perfectly with the silky mouth feel of toasted walnuts. With only sixty cases produced, congratulations, you’re among the lucky few who get to enjoy this unique sour. Cheers!

Availability: Limited Release (Apr 2016)


Eleanor | Batch No. 1407
ABV 6.5% | 3.28PH

Prickly Pear Cactus fruit gives this ridiculously delicious sour a florescent fuchsia color and an abundance of watermelon, strawberry, and rhubarb. Its mouth-watering crisp acidity leaves you craving another drink as each sip becomes more unique than the last. Cheers!

Availability: Limited Release (Apr 2016)


Wild Dapple Fire | Batch No. 1406
ABV 6.9% | 3.36 PH

This sunset orange and pink hued beer is a delightful balance of ripe stone fruit and woody funk. Bright but not overpowering acidity and lively carbonation help this pretty sour jump out of a fluted glass. Our brewing team and friends hand picked these rare Dapple Fire Pluots at a local organic farm, selecting only the most ripe and flavorful for this unique creation.

Availability: Limited Release (Nov 2015)


Wild Elder Flower | Batch No. 1405
ABV 6.7% | 3.26 PH

This unique wild ale opens with heady white jasmine contrasting smoothly with a pepper spice, leading into a silky mouthfeel and assertive acidity. We created this special beer by infusing dried elderflowers and pink rose petals with our already aromatic wild blonde sour. To truly enjoy all of its richness serve in a glass designed with a large bowl and focused rim.

Availability: Limited Release (Nov 2015)


Wild Peacot | Barrel Select | Batch No. 1404
ABV 6.6% | 3.35 PH

This golden beer is our second 2014 vintage Barrel Select release. We hand picked this rare late harvest hybrid fruit from a small local organic farm. The aroma explodes out of the glass with intense white peach and honeysuckle aromas. Restrained acidity allows the intense honey and white grape flavors to shine.

Availability: Limited Release (Dec 2015)


Riesling Blonde Sour | Batch No. 1403
ABV 7.1% | 3.26 PH

This fruit forward blonde sour is a blend of both white wine barrel and foeder fermented beers. We fruited this golden beer with late harvest riesling skins and juice early in fermentation to allow the tropical characteristics of the grape to evolve and mature during the long Brettanomyces fermentation. The resulting aromas are both tropical and stone fruit driven with lemony bright acidity as the perfect balance.

Availability: Limited Release (Aug 2015)


Apricot Blonde Sour | Batch No. 1402
ABV 6.7% | 3.32 PH

This is the second vintage of our apricot blonde sour, 100% fermented in wine barrels. The apricots were added directly to the barrels early in fermentation and allowed to release all their aromatic potential during the long Brettanomyces fermentation. The resulting aromas are funky and fruity in the best way. The classic brett earthy funk gives way to layers of ripe apricot and white chocolate oak character.

Availability: Limited Release (Aug 2015)


Riesling Blonde Sour | Barrel-Select | Batch No. 1401
ABV 7.9% | 3.29 PH

This Blonde Sour, fruited with late harvest Riesling, is our first Barrel Select release. A number of barrels were hand-selected for their complexity and uniqueness. The white wine oak barrels were topped off with rich riesling must and juice early in fermentation. This technique adds structure and body with soft tannin backing up ripe fruits. Expect huge pineapple from the brettanomyces and mild vanilla and butterscotch from the oak with a balanced tart funkiness.

Availability: Limited Release (Jul 2015)


Sweet Flanders Red | Imperial | Batch No. 1303
ABV 10.4% | 3.37 PH

This Imperial Sweet Flanders Red was aged in once filled Napa Valley french oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. We added late harvest Zinfandel Berries and fermented with lacto and brett to lend a distinct tartness to the rich, deep red, malty body. There are notes of vanilla, toasted oak, ripe plum, and port wine. Enjoy this sour near room temperature in fluted glassware.

Availability: Limited Release (May 2015)


Sour Amber Ale | Batch No. 1302
ABV 7.5% | 3.34 PH

This tart amber is rich with vanilla and nutmeg barrel notes contrasting with cranberry and ripe honeydew. Fourteen months in American oak and fifty pounds per barrel of local whole berry Cabernet Franc has married this Flemish classic to the Central Coast.

Availability: Limited Release (Jan 2015)


Sour Blonde Ale | Batch No. 1301
ABV 7.0% | 3.25 PH

This bright, crisp Blonde is our homage to the classic Belgian masters. The vivacious carbonation and clear tart backbone carry fresh apricot and white oak barrel notes forward to awaken one’s palate.

Availability: Limited Release (Jan 2015)